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    Faith ~ Family ~ Community    

White Oak Mercantile.Com was once a dream, and with a lot of faith and hard work, it has become a reality.


It was brought up to owner, Stephanie Ann Lee, that local artisans had no where simple, online to showcase their work, other than Facebook and Etsy. She had the notion to help other local vendors; artisans with amazing products but lacked the time or technology to advertise them online. Starting with the seed of a dream and a lot of determination, she has gathered several other local vendors to showcase and sale their creative works. While the company is still in the founding/creation stages, they are continually growing and increasing their products and options. And White Oak is always looking for new vendors! 

Stephanie Lee, a Carthage, Missouri native, is the designer, owner, and operator of White Oak Born and raised in the cattle industry, she uses her passion for family, agriculture and rural community life as a driving force behind all her work.  Stephanie lives in Avilla, Missouri with her husband and three children. While a stay-at-home mom, Stephanie also works as a substitute teacher, dabbles in web design and genealogy research and, together with her husband, raises a small heard of Red Angus cattle. 

Mae Day Baby Gifts

Mae Day

Hey there! I’m Nikki, a wife to an awesome husband and blessed to be able a stay at home homeschool mom to 3 fun kiddos. I had finally adjusted to being a boy mom when we found out baby number 3 was going to be a girl. Lyndi Mae has completely changed the dynamic of our household...for the better. She’s sweet, crazy and a tiny little daredevil, giving us a little Mae Day of our own sometimes (and she was unexpectedly born May 1, a May Day baby). She’s also inspired me to sew again, the things I make are generally some of the things I loved when Lyndi was little, some of them are things she likes now. Her big brothers like to be involved in this creative process too and a lot of the boy fabrics I use were picked by them. I love the freedom of creativity and mixing and matching fabrics so there’s a good chance no item on here will ever be exactly the same.

Classy Cactus


Creator of all Classy Cactus jewels, Kristin White is a ranch hand's wife, living the punchy life. She enjoys being saddled at sunrise and working til dusk.

While managing a local business, her lifestyle has been fueled by a passion for healthy cattle and good horses. Just like every cowgirl she likes to get gussied up and what better way to show off her punchy style than to make her own.

Affordable western chic jewels from her lifestyle to yours.

Bloody Cross Cattle Co


Coming Soon.....

Z Bowl Maker & B.A.E. Doilies

z bowl

Avilla, Missouri locals, Larry and Bobbi Escamilla, enjoy their hobbies of wood and needle work. Larry gets all the wood for his bowls and other creations from right here, in Southwest Missouri. Bobbi is a homemaker who enjoys making everything from doilies to beaded necklaces and earrings.

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